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These engines are shipped in a number of different source packages and the concern applies to all packages shipping them.

Note: In beta versions of WSL, your “Linux files” are any of the files and folders under %localappdata%\lxss – which is where the Linux filesystem – distro and your own files – are stored on your drive.

In supported versions of WSL, the filesystems for the distros you install via the Microsoft Store are stored elsewhere on disk … To work on files using both Windows and Linux tools, ), When you access files on your Windows filesystem from within Bash, WSL honors the NT filesystem behaviors (e.g. so you can easily access the same files using both Windows tools and Bash tools without having to copy files back and forth between filesystems.

Therefore, be sure to follow these three rules in order to avoid losing files, and/or corrupting your data: While it’s the OS’ job to store and update your file metadata, most of Windows doesn’t know anything about Linux, nor Linux file metadata, and doesn’t automatically add or update Linux file metadata for all Windows files because that would impose an unnecessary overhead on the vast majority of Windows users who will never run WSL.

In most cases, packages should upgrade smoothly between stretch and buster.

There are a small number of cases where some intervention may be required, either before or during the upgrade; these are detailed below on a per-package basis. If this fails, it will abort the package installation, which will leave the upgrade unfinished.

Users will need to migrate to other alternatives to prevent trouble when updating to Debian 11.

This includes the following features: Debian 10 includes several browser engines which are affected by a steady stream of security vulnerabilities.

Changing the system wide defaults in With the next release of Debian 11 (codenamed bullseye) some features will be deprecated.Configurations that override these options but omit these algorithm names may cause unexpected authentication failures.No action is required for configurations that accept the default for these options.Until buster that hasn't been a problem in practice, but with the growth of the Go ecosystem it means that Go based packages won't be covered by regular security support until the infrastructure is improved to deal with them maintainably.If updates are warranted, they can only come via regular point releases, which may be slow in arriving.

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needing entropy during boot and the kernel treating such calls as blocking when available entropy is low, the system may hang for minutes to hours until the randomness subsystem is sufficiently initialized ( has been chosen for this within the Debian Installer project and may be a valid option if hardware entropy is not available on the system.

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