Four square dating

Or checking in to a hotel actually checks you in at your hotel.At the rate Foursquare is moving, the 2012 Scoble envisioned is not so far off.If you’re heading to SXSW this year, you’ll have the chance to see MG ask Dennis about his “real-world” plans point-blank.

He currently works on startups in local discovery and e-commerce.

They could attempt other ways to build payments into the check-in process, like partnering with Square (ran by Dennis’s buddy Jack Dorsey) or leveraging their NFC capabilities launched last week.

But mark my words: Soon, when you check in to Crave and see the Mac & Cheese for , you’ll be able to order and pay for it all from within Foursquare.

Think making Open Table reservations within Foursquare.

Or checking into a Zipcar lot and selecting your car in-app.

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