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- Video Learning Center Our collection of educational videos ranging from Gillette history, to straight razor shaving, to modern brand insights.Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a new video!The first The first adjustable razor with three settings was introduced for light, medium, and heavy beards. This was the company’s first distinctly mechanical effort at making a razor “share the work” of adjusting the blade angle to the face.This was the first system razor with a ‘continuous band,’ spooled and retractable.

The razor doesn't seem to have any date stampings under the head like the Super Speeds have. The most recent patent that is on the box is 2,270,388 which was issued January 20, 1942. It came with some Gillette blue blades, but the box was opened so I don't know if the blades are original or not. That being said I checked the blades that came with it and they are U-1 so that means the razor was made sometime between 19, but assuming the blades are any indication, the razor was made in either late 1948 or early in 1949.Obviously I gave this one a good rise off with some 70% IPA and a wipe down to boot. Gillette has the revolutionary idea of disposable blades so thin and so strong they were deemed impossible to forge by MIT-trained scientists.These serial numbers were on the top of the guard, or sometimes the inner barrel.There were no razor serial numbers from 1931 until 1951.

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Knowing the age of a razor can provide context and much needed connection to a special life lived. Razor Serial Numbers were impressed on all Gillette razors from 1904 until 1921, and on deluxe models from 1921 until 1931 (except for a period in 1927-28).

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