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The couple spends time together pleasantly, between Belgium and Italy.

London Greek Dating Service brings you Speed Dating for all ages and all persons, whether of Greek/Cypriot descent or with a keen interest in these beautiful Mediterranean countries and cultures.

All emails are private and confidential and subject to the Data Protection Laws in the UK.

If you think a loved one, a family member, friend, young cousin, lonely aunt, widowed uncle, neighbour, neighbour's cousin, neighbour's cousin's aunty's friend, [basically anyone you'd invite to a wedding!

There are a few places where vast amounts of Greeks congregate; Churches over religious holidays, family functions and Greek concerts.

Meet single Greeks in your local area at Greek Friends, the Free Greek Dating Site for Single Greeks. Browse single Greeks and join and meet new friends today!

If you're into any aspect of Greek culture, such as Greek history or cuisine, or if you want to just meet another fellow Greek and hang out together, then Greek friends date is the ultimate singles community for you. Remember, Greek Friends Date is a totally free Greek Dating Site and Service. Looking to meet new singles in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion, or any other Greek city or town? Join Greek Friends Date and start connecting with single locals in your area for free.

Come along for a fun filled escape from the London winter for a few hours; great music, a glass of wine or winter spirits or a frappe in remembrance of summer, all whilst meeting some fantastic new friends, and maybe even the love of your life!

Guaranteed to meet at least 10 persons of the opposite gender, or 9 of the same!

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