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What is declared worth documenting, worth reflecting on, what is deemed to be portfolio-worthy, is a theoretical act." (p.24)"A portfolio tells a story. Sometimes the students put them together, sometimes the teachers.Sometimes the students interact with their folders throughout the day, sometimes they are hardly aware of them until parent-teacher conference day."By portfolio, we mean a purposeful, interrelated collection of student work that shows the student's efforts, progress or achievements in one or more areas.A folder is a collection, which a portfolio is a purposeful and coherent collection that communicates what learnings have taken place. Our goal is to help students tell their story, a story that has a happy ending." (p.3)"We get students ready to write the stories of their portfolios by joining them on the journey. ERIC Document Reproduction Service: ED377209According to the definition of “tests” in the 1999 AERA/APA/NCME Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, forms of testing may include traditional multiple-choice tests, written essays, oral examinations, and more elaborate performance tasks.Finally, the student is the major participant in all phases of the portfolio's development."Throughout this paper we shall use storytelling as a metaphor to show what portfolios are and how they can be used to support learning..ask three questions... Together on the journey we talk, learn, and assemble the portfolio. Hence, portfolios that are composed of written reflections (a form of an essay) and products representative of the candidate’s skills, and performance, fall under a professionally acceptable definition of “test”. Portfolios, the Pied Piper of teacher certification assessments: Legal and psychometric issues. Retrieved February 13, 2004 from electronic portfolio has the potential to become a dynamic celebration of learning that documents a teacher’s professional development across his or her career." (p.301) Source: ISTE (2002) "Assessing Technology Preparation of Teachers" in Preparing Teachers to use Technology.If that be so, what tales will be shared in the flickering glow of teachers' electronic portfolios?Will web and multimedia technologies be used to help teachers capture their knowledge of practice and share it in ways not possible with older technologies?Or will the audience gathered around electronic portfolios hear few meaningful stories because we have failed to see the dilemmas posed by these new technologies and made the complex decisions necessary to use our tools wisely?

Let us use technology's campfire to draw teachers together--giving them a place to sing their songs, find healing for their wounds, and be illumined by the wisdom of their peers. My digital clone - A digital representation / extension of my self – my e Self My work companion - A tool blended into my learning / working environment My butler - A service provider to one’s self My dashboard - An informative display of the state of my skills and knowledge My planner - A tool to plan my learning My IPR management assistant - A tool to value and exploit my personal assets "Great to see your e-portfolio site and follow the learnings encapsulated within.

She begins to set goals to address the areas she needs to develop and to deepen her areas of strength." (p.25)"The power of seeing the portfolio as map is to see that reflection can bring together the inner self and the outer world.

The portfolio...encourages reflection--helping me to see my self and my strengths and weaknesses, but also to look at the sources of my growth in the larger world, especially the world of professional practice." (p.25) "The portfolio, like the sonnet, is simply a form, a structure.

They can also be dangerous to understanding, in that people may fail to recognize the figurative nature of a metaphor, and come to take it literally.

(Wikipedia) The purpose of this page is to share different metaphors that have been used to describe portfolios, for the purpose of helping to build a shared understanding about the multiple purposes of portfolios.

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