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You’ll be able to tackle a lot more of the serious stuff if you have that foundation to build on.One of the inevitable results of the transition into the next part of your relationship is the fact that the newness and blinded obsession you have for your other half might not be so blinding anymore.You know that feeling when you’re with your SO and you’re unashamed of PDA, texting them 24/7 and obsessing over them nonstop? It’s at the very beginning of a relationship, and although you and your SO may feel untouchable in your little bubble of bliss, it isn’t permanent.

Peyton Tuccinard, a freshman at James Madison University, says, “You don’t always want to see [your SO] every second—you want to see your friends too.Instead of sucking each other’s faces every time you lock eyes, you will get the chance to have meaningful conversations and talk about your future plans and goals.You’ll learn all the specifics about your SO that will make your relationship strong.” Trying new experiences with each other will ensure that you will never stop learning and growing alongside one another, and growing is a huge way to keep the momentum that your relationship needs.This second phase of your relationship is where you find out all the good stuff.

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So after you are over the obsessive stage, step back and re-evaluate. Although you might not be jumping each other’s bones every day (if you still do, props to you) that doesn’t mean that you have to cut out the romance altogether.

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