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But this has not found to be true as evident from many cases of bricking. Just flash another ROM for your version and your phone will be back. This is specially true for WM 5 because of reasons i'll explain later. Why is it not recommended to downgrade the OS version, ie. So if you flash this ROM, your SPL will again become locked.One of the possible checks for knowing that is if your phone originally came with Windows Mobile 5, its probably an old gene, and If it came with Windows Mobile 6, its probably an New Gene. This is specially true for original WM 5 ROMs In case your phone came with WM5 originally, and the version of ROM exactly with the one that was originally on your device, It wont give any problem.There are two SPLs available right now for P3400 and P3400i.One is Olipro's SPL for Old Gene and Second is Orefkov's SPL for New Gene.These should be used according to the device they are meant for. One more thing is, SPL is needed to be updated just once.Only one of the given SPLs will work for you and you will never need to patch it again.Step 1: Download the Tools ------------------------------- Download the tools zip file from here: a self extracting file, just start it and give a path and it will unzip all the files in your chosen folder. Rename it if it has some other name.) into the ROM Update Utility folder that is outside the Orefkov and SPL Patcher folder.Inside the extracted folder you will find these things: 1. Download a ROM appropriate for your device: Which one is appropriate, you'll only know after updating your SPL. But in any case, here is a link to a good ROM, created by me, which is available for both new and old gene: Sumit's Pro Users ROM (WM 6.1, for new and old gene) Step 3: Prepare your Computer -------------------------------- XP Users ---------- There is not much you need to do. b) If it doesn't boots, and only green and red keys blink, Don't worry. Step 5: Use the Orefkov Unlocker ------------------------------------ 1. In the window that opened, type the following command (don't use copy paste please) and press enter: Note : that is small L and small s in that command, dont mistake it with I. Now press and hold the camera button and start your phone to go into the Boot loader mode once again.

ROM Flashing can be very dangerous if not done properly. This inludes: ONBL version, SPL version, GSM or Radio version and OS version.

It does no by checking for the Digital Signature of HTC on roms.

So it need to be patched in order to flash custom ROMs made by chefs in this forum.

These only contain the OS part which is safe to use. What are the things i can try if i get a problem while this process? You shouldn't get any trouble if you take all the precautions, but even if you do, you can try : 1. If you downgraded/Upgraded using any of the Original HTC ROMs and your phone is bricked, try the JTAG Method by Orefkov. If even that doesn't helps, Take your device to service center. You may need to enter this mode while patching your SPL or sometimes while flashing a ROM.

If your gene is bricked by Olipro SPL, use the gene unbricker for new gene by Orefkov. If you flashed your phone with a ROM made by some user on this forum and it doesn't works, just flash another version of the ROM or some other compatible ROM. To do that, Shutdown your phone, Press and Hold the Camera Button and press the power button or the soft reset key using your stylus. What is Hard Reset and Soft Reset and how to do it? Soft reset is a second name for restarting your phone.

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