Im validating my raid spot

That’s the last song on the album for a specific reason.That’s the first song I did with Dre, that was the start of my new life.In the past 30 days, Target has had 13,635 airings and earned an airing rank of #24 with a good spend ranking of #18 as compared to all other advertisers.Competition for Target includes Macy's, JCPenney, Walmart, Kohl's, Sears and the other brands in the Retail Stores: Department Stores industry.Two teams aspiring to take control of a briefcase with rocket launch codes; the attackers have to pry it from the safe position well-guarded by the enemy team and deliver it to their extraction point, while the opponents have to prevent this with any means necessary. Register on the right website: Warface Play Station, Warface Xbox, or Warface PC.

Your goal is to survive by any means and eliminate all competition. At the start, you only have melee weapons, so you’ll have to put your survival skills to the test: scavenge and watch your back, the playing area shrinks with every stage and soon enough there won’t be a place to hide!

Dre] So tell that gangster throw his set high Roll it up in a blunt, I'mma take you on the next high I did exactly what I wanted that's what made them checks fly In my direction, you never questioned when I said I Would be a mogul before I visit 2Pac and Left-eye Eazy and Aaliyah when I see you we gon' test drive A Lambo in heaven but for now I'm on the redeye Flying back to my city cuz I'll forever standby [Hook] Compton, Compton, ain't no city quite like mine [Verse 6: Kendrick Lamar] Now we can all celebrate We can all harvest the rap artists of NWA America target our rap market, as controversy and hate Harsh realities we in made our music translate To the coke dealers, the hood rich And the broke niggas that play With them gorillas that know killers That know where you stay Roll that kush, crack that case, ten bottles of rosé This was brought to you by Dre Now every motherfucker in here say: "Look who's responsible For taking Compton international I make 'em holla" [Outro] Ayo Just Blaze, good looking homie Just Blaze Ain't no city quite like mine, yeah In the city of Compton Ain't no city quite like mine [Skit] Mom, I finna use the van real quick! As a closing track for the album, Kendrick teams up with the executive producer and West coast legend Dr. Other than “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, this is the only track from present-day Kendrick’s perspective.

In an interview with Google Play, Kendrick spoke on the song: I wrote the lyrics the day I met Dre. And that was actually the first studio session I had with Dre.

The song acts as an epilogue to the story, in which Kendrick is looking retrospectively upon the events of the narrative/his own life experiences and conveying how he’s turned himself away from a potential life of crime, alcoholism, violence etc.

instead becoming someone he’s more proud of and someone who can try to tell the younger generations living in similar situations that they can turn their lives around too.

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