Internet connection timed out when updating iphone

TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity) This particular error can have multiple different causes as it is a fairly generic error message.

A possible explanation is that the client program is old and supports only TLS 1.0, but the server is expecting TLS level 1.1 or higher.

If not, reach out to us on the support ticket system and provide as much detail as you can.

To diagnose problems with an Open VPN server or client, it is helpful to look at the log files.

Few days ago, I encounter the “Connection timed out” Error in Google Play Store.

Log files are the place to check whenever you’re having any problems making a connection with an Open VPN client program to the Open VPN Access Server, they the information needed to ascertain what’s going wrong.Due to this problem I was not able to enter into Play store and download any app.Many of the people have experienced this error and I know how it feels when you can’t install the app you wanted so desperately. In my case just by Clearing Cache and Data has solved the issue but it may not be same for you.if you are still facing the problem, head to the next step. You can follow that in case your Date and Time is correct.In many of the cases it has found that the error is caused due to wrong Date and Time. If you are able to fix the error then the job is done otherwise head to next method.

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