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MBA marketers and lecturers even wrote the article "The Review of the Ugly Truth and Negative Aspects of Online Dating" in which they summed up all the research on the disadvantages of dating sites that had been published over the past few years. In addition, several years ago, Vanity Fair magazine also published a devastating article about 20 years old New Yorkers who became addicted to online dating and ceased to appreciate another person, easily replacing one partner for another one as well as refusing committed relationships in favor of a one-night stand.American psychologists even introduced the concept of Attention Deficit Dating (ADD) which means the inability to develop an emotional attachment to one person during the date because of the illusion (which the Internet creates), that there is always someone a little better than a person you have asked you out this Friday.Online dating should be a part of your world, not the only part.What addictive qualities do you recognize in your online dating behavior?Addiction is when the situation controls you, not the other way around.Have you ever faced a situation when you devote every spare moment to your favorite dating site?This is consistent with the concept of Adler, who argued that the basis of human activity is the desire for self-worth and the desire to be an important personality.He was guided by the idea that the inferiority of one of the organs necessarily leads to its compensation at the expense of others.

It’s OK to be excited about receiving emails, but when this results in checking your email every hour of the day, no matter where you are or who you are with, you are bordering on an unhealthy obsession.You open a dating app just to check the mailbox and answer the messages, and even don’t notice how nights follow days.At first sight, an innocuous attempt to organize one's personal life is gradually transformed into a need to sign in and check the slightest changes in the online world.However, dating app addiction is very dangerous because you reduce the number of meetings in real life.You start living in a fake world, which is completely built on your illusions and desires and which has nothing in common with the real situation.

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In order to find out what causes dating site addiction, it’s necessary to turn to the psychological side of the issue.

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  1. J) Spend many more hours analyzing your feeble attempts at text message"flirting," agonizing over whether you should or should not use the word "mysig" (cozy) or "trevlig" (nice), fearing the former may be too much, and the latter may not be enough. O) Since it's a little harder to pretend you are not on a real date in the formal atmosphere of a restaurant, drink massive amounts of the house wine.