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You should realize, however, that if you owe the IRS under 00, your assets may not necessarily be seized and sold off.Instead, the IRS will seek to satisfy this smaller amount through other means including garnishing your income and seizing your federal tax refunds.While the IRS has the right to seize a wide variety of assets and sources of income, it cannot legally lay claim to others especially those that you and your family need to survive on a daily basis.

The IRS uses this extraordinary step to collect on debts when taxpayers have failed after repeated warnings to pay what they owe.Further, you typically will have no way to reclaim these assets once they have been seized by the IRS.They will be sold off relatively quickly, usually at an auction that is open to the public.While it technically has the right to seize sources of income like unemployment benefits and welfare payments, it typically will avoid doing so if these payments are your only source of income.However, it has the right to claim up to 15 percent of your Social Security payments or survivor's benefits to pay off your federal tax debt.

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