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It was loud in the club, and I was trying my hardest to communicate without us getting too close. I took my phone out of my bag, and showed him the wallpaper of me and my boyfriend, who at the time was white. You coconut.’ In life, we’re often taught that who or what we love doesn’t matter. We’re taught that love is (colour) blind and that may be true, but the world we live in isn’t and neither am I. The stares we received when we held hands were too frequent to ignore.

I told him I was in a relationship, but he wasn’t convinced. He and I dated in secret for five months before we went public, and I wish I could say that it was because we enjoyed our privacy, but that wasn’t entirely true. My boyfriend’s whiteness afforded him a certain privilege that we often never spoke about; the fact that for him, dating a black girl made him appear ‘progressive’, ‘open-minded’ – one of the ‘good ones’. Did my relationship serve as an affirmation to their suspicions; that underneath my black skin, I was coconut white?

But as a psychologist who studies racial attitudes, I suspected that attitudes toward interracial couples may not be as positive as they seem.

My previous work had provided some evidence of bias against interracial couples.

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Allison Skinner does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. More interracial relationships are also appearing in the media – on television, in film and in advertising.

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I’ve learned to reconsider things about the world I live in that, for so long, I often took for granted.

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