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Mindful of Jason’s illegitimacy past, someone has recommended him to his director as a candidate for the lead role in the film.Apparently, the experience of street trading influenced the actor.Only once he departed from his principle and looked in the bag, which he was handed over by the customer.Unlike many action pictures, this film was met with applause thanks to the unpredictable plot and charismatic Stethem’s person.He had to bring together several plot lines and save his friend who passed out in the card from a deadly fate together with Jason Fleming and Dexter Fletcher.The film, released in 1998, had a resounding success.Later on, in 2007, the actor appeared in another project, the film «Revolver».His hero, Jack Green, was sentenced due to circumstances and lost seven years in solitary confinement.

The character of Ray Liotta, the casino owner Dorothy Macha, played the antagonist of Jack in the film.The fee of the actor crossed the symbolic mark of one million dollars, and the continuation of the epic (2005, 2008) has been of no less interest than the first episode.Since that time Statham entrenched role of a such «cold-blooded big guy», who can send the opponent in the knockout by one blow and get out untouched from any firefight.Another important point in the acting career of Jason Statham is the thriller «The Mechanic».The actor’s character is a hired killer Arthur Bishop, who had received the same nickname for amazing accuracy and precision.

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