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I'll also listen to those who may wish to sway where my future warm up sketches go, and which characters get more "development".

I have three "universes" I work in: Original Life - Is a world just like our own, with the humans simply replaced by anthropomorphic animals.

I made a side by side comparison for myself and you can see it here: (nsfw) thing is, I used no reference and the image similarities are an honest coincidence.

But given their similarities, I'm unsure what I should do.

Travelers would tell tales of an old sexbot they have met in the forest, telling them of the wonders of The Old World, and sometimes asking for a quickie.

But now, even his battery have run dry, ending the tale of Martin, The Fuck Bunny.

Go to where mankind has lost all control, and dwells in both the pleasures of the moment and a deeply repressed hatred of himself for doing so.

The continuation of the initial run of Original Life, set five years later. Don't get me wrong, I like his works, but this thing is such a blaze e approach.

I will let contributors weigh in on what they'd like to see next.

If you’re happy with Patreon, please continue to support me there!

Subscribestar will just be a mirror, a backup, and an alternative for those who aren’t comfortable with Patreon. Those who've been following me on Patreon know that I've been working on things for a bit, and I'm still compiling preliminary images.

If you're more comfortable with supporting me on Patreon, including seeing Original Life 5 pages, you can do so here: (Adults only): https:// (General... So, here's the deal: The Original Life 5 pages will be FREE.

It has a Patreon up for those who want to support the comic, as well as all my SFW material, here: https:// If you're allergic to Patreon, the pages (without extra rewards) will also be posted on my SFW blog, here: The Original Life 5 Patreon is for my SFW material, and I'd like to keep it fairly separate from what goes on in my adult galle I uploaded a monochrome image of Beth recently and someone drew an (understandable) reference to an image drawn by a fantasy artist - an image I'd never seen before. The position of the camera, so to speak, is in the same place, and the orientation of the two characters to one another is almost identical.

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Is he locking his webcomic behind Patreon now, or is this just yet another useless gallery made with duplicate pics from his other Patreon galleries uploaded here?? And yet, for years to come, an old companion bot would roam the forest, free from tha shackles of his programming, but left without a purpose.

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