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Petronilla remained a member of the French royal court and a constant companion to her sister Eleanor while she was imprisoned by her husband King Henry II in England and Wales.

After Henry’s death, Eleanor was freed, and Petronilla planned on returning to France. It is believed that she came down with a fever on her voyage from England back to France and died in early 1190 before her arrival at port.

Then again it could be Petronella Countess of Leicester, we don’t know.

In the pipe roll of 1158, there is a reference to a payment for the passage of the Queen’s sister (it doesn’t name her and the wording might refer to the King’s sister – in which case it would be an illegitimate one, very likely Emma who was one of Eleanor’s ladies until circa 1173).

It seems therefore likely that she was born fairly close to Eleanor, perhaps in 1125 or 1126.

) of Niela, Aelith my sister, Maengo of Bono Occulo, Arveo my steward, and many others.

They divorced, and Petronella either died or disappeared from the scene in the early 1150’s.

I think it very safe to say that the Wikipedia statement about her still being alive in 1189 is not true.

Having trawled these same pipe rolls, I can find only one such entry and it involves bread as well as wine and does not name Petronella herself and is therefore ambiguous.

The entries are far more likely to refer to Henry II’s illegitimate sister Emma, above mentioned, later to marry Dafydd ap Owain Gwynedd, prince of North Wales. Until more evidence turns up, my personal belief, based on the seriously muddled and contradictory evidence is that Eleanor definitely had a sister called Petronella and that she married Ralph of Vermandois.

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