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The show was called BAGGAGE, and it dared to ask the question: how much baggage are you willing to put up with in a romantic partner? In 2010, a new game show was launched based on that very premise.The contestants came up with some pretty bizarre baggage -- things like body odor, excessive sweating, and living with their moms -- so Jerry surely felt right at home among all the oddballs and misfits.Each potential contestant for BAGGAGE was given a lengthy questionnaire that asked you what were the three worst things about you.For my top three I wrote, 1) I’m funny, 2) I’m a very handsome man, and 3) I’m not that good in bed, but I try really hard!I thought that was a funny line, and it didn’t seem like any of the non-baggage stuff about was ever going to get used on the show.I think a lot of guys on the show were saying that they lived with their mom’s, so in retrospect, maybe a guy living with his sister wasn’t so bad.

If they didn’t like each other, they would go their separate ways.But with repeated questioning, the thinking seemed to be that the average Joe would crack under pressure and spill his guts about his deepest, personal shame, like picking his nose or bed-wetting or whatever.I was pretty happy with my three initial answers than I had given, but I tried my best to give them more, in case they wanted to pick something else. But would you be willing to go on national television and spill the beans about all your biggest flaws?The show was hosted by that ringmaster of sleaze himself, Jerry Springer, who was the perfect choice for the job.

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