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Enter your references, who can help verify that you’re the superstar you say you are.

But how can you ensure that your references will actually help you get the job–and make sure you’re not burning any bridges with them along the way? Choose people with whom you’re friendly but not too friendly.

“It’s a great opportunity to review your past responsibilities and remind that person of the successes you achieved when you worked together,” he says.

“A quick chat can also help you gauge whether or not the reference will be glowing.”3.

Always follow up with a thank you You probably send the hiring managers a thank-you note after an interview, so why not add your references to the list?

“Each time your reference supports you with a new, prospective employer, send them a personal thank-you note–or, at minimum, an e-mail,” Shane says.

Also, check with your prospective employer whether they will, in fact, be calling versus sending an electronic reference request, which has become more popular.

Your reference might prefer a quick phoner–if that’s the case, consider reaching out to the hiring manager and ask if it’s possible to make a call instead.5.

So how do you maneuver the sometimes awkward territory that surrounds agreeing–or not–to be a reference? Check with HR on reference protocol Before you say yes or no to a reference request, check with your human resources department first–they may have rules in place for whether you can even speak to an ex-coworker’s previous experiences.“Most companies have a formal policy whereby their managers are instructed to refer all reference requests to HR,” Shane says.

“It’s a time commitment, and you don’t want to disrespect your former coworker’s time by putting that person in a position where that colleague resents talking about your skill set,” he says.

“You’re probably not the only one using them as a reference.”Related: The Perks (And Pitfalls) Of Job Hopping4.

So if you believe in karma–and you’re truly trying to help a former standout employee get to the next level–then you should be thoughtful about how to give a proper recommendation.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll always be doling out glowing praise.

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To let a requester down lightly, you could tell him that you don’t think you’re suited to speak to his skill set.

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