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And yet, while the Julia Mancuso Lindsey Vonn dispute on the Hills of Vancouver sounds more fitting for a Lauren Conrad Heidi Montag dispute on the Hills of MTV, the Julia Mancuso Lindsey Vonn mad mouthing didn’t started today. He says of the Mancuso dispute: “It’s not like Lindsey slipped everybody 0 to write a story about her. When you ski well coming into an Olympics, you’re going to get more attention.” Someone tell Thomas that Mancuso won silver in the women’s downhill on Tuesday and silver in the super-combined on Wednesday. Her bio reads as follows: “At 2006 Olympics at Turin, Italy, won gold in giant slalom, and finished 7th in downhill, 9th in combined and 11th in super-G; at 2002 Olympics at Salt Lake City, finished 13th in combined; set U. mark for Junior World Championships medals with eight before she was out of her teens, and started her 20s by capturing two World Championships medals and establishing record for most consecutive top-3 finishes at U. National Championships with 16; closed 2009 season with 10th U. Championship, tying Bode Miller for most all-time; “Has made 260 World Cup starts, finishing on podium 19 times with four victories; has made 18 Europa Cup starts with one podium finish, 2nd in super-G in 2000; has 24 top-10 finishes at Nor-Am Cup with five wins, three in giant slalom; has five FIS Race victories, three in giant slalom and two in super-G; 2009 winter proved to be a challenge for Mancuso, who missed the World Cup podium for the first time since 2006 while dealing with a nagging back injury.” At issue is a Vonn crash that cost Mancuso a medal.

Vonn said of her crashing and is affect on Mancuso: “I feel terrible for Julia.

I made it into “Super Jules” underwear, started wearing a tiara, and combined the two together, calling it “Kiss My Tiara”.

VANCOUVER — Julia Mancuso tried to defuse the tension between her and fellow skier Lindsey Vonn, saying their relationship has “been taken a little out of proportion.” The two skiers have competed against each other for years, dating back to when they were teenagers.

How deep is the Julia Mancuso Lindsey Vonn dispute?

With the course conditions deteriorating the way they were, it was really difficult for her to come down with a fast time.There’s also a pop-top so you can sleep up there when it’s warmer. So maybe I can convince her to do that and she might make the 2014 Winter Olympics. Why'd you recently launched your own lingerie line Kiss My Tiara? Any truth to the rumor you’re engaged to gold medal skier Aksel Lund Svindal? I started wearing lucky underwear when I won my first national title. To listen to the extended interview click here, or subscribe to our i Tunes podcasts.—Stayton Bonner How do you stay competitive during the season?

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