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She made suggestive comments to Derek while torturing him and teased Scott Mc Call during the family dinner in Magic Bullet.

Peter Hale, out for revenge, killed most of her conspirators and tore out her throat with a deep scratch. Suspecting that the scratch of an Alpha would result in transformation, Mexican Hunter Araya Calavera came to Beacon Hills to check.

When she was a young woman, she dated Derek in order to learn about his family.

She then conspired with a number of people to burn down Hale House with a large number of his family locked inside. She returned to Beacon Hills to help hunt an Alpha Werewolf killing people.

She returned to Beacon Hills during the war between hunters and supernaturals to finish her job, killing Scott.

Kate Argent is the sister of Chris Argent, aunt of the late Allison Argent, and the sister-in-law of the late Victoria Argent. Kate was fearless and possibly sociopathic when it came to dealing with werewolves as she seemed to enjoy taunting and torturing Derek Hale before trying to kill him.

Kate was raised to hunt werewolves and taught her families 400 year history but she had no respect for the code by which the hunters were supposed to operate.

Kate told him the sex was great but that she was just using him to find and kill the rest of his pack.

(Read More...) Peter Hale held Kate hostage and threatened to kill Allison unless Kate apologizes for what she had done to his family.

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She made it to the temple of Mexican jaguar god Tezcatlipoca in a place known as La Iglesia.

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