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The dividing line between the two periods is a lacuna in the archaeological record at one representative site.The Las Vegas culture was pre-ceramic, meaning that the people did not utilize pottery.The dry climate and xeric vegetation seem to have persisted throughout the 10,000 year period.Thirty-two Las Vegas sites have been identified on the Santa Elena peninsula, scattered over an area about 25 kilometres (16 mi) east-west and 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) north-south, most along the Rio Grande and its tributaries, including the Las Vegas River.During Early Las Vegas the "basic unit of social production, distribution, and consumption was the small, relatively self-sufficient family, flexibly organized for carrying out a wide variety of subsistence tasks using a few generalized tools and facilities." Houses were small and it appears that family units moved from one site to another to take advantage of seasonal food sources. The people gathered wild foods and hunted and fished in the variety of habitats in the region: the desert, dry tropical forest, and the Pacific coast.Deer, fox, rabbit, small rodents, weasel, anteater, squirrel, peccary, opossum, frog, boa constrictor, indigo snake, parrot and lizard were exploited for food.

You just have to know where to look for the contacts.Additional similar sites of human habitation probably remain to be discovered near and along several hundred miles of Ecuadorian coast Evidence of a human presence of the Santa Elena peninsula has been radiocarbon dated back to 8800 BCE, but with the onset of the Las Vegas period about 8000 BC, the evidence becomes much more extensive.Archaeologists have divided the Las Vegas culture into two periods: early Las Vegas from 8000 to 6000 BCE, and late Las Vegas from 6000 BCE to 4600 BCE.Last but not least, sports are always a way to find new friends.Going through personal ads on sex dating websites can seem like the never-ending challenge, but has created a system that makes it easier than ever to search, connect, and hookup with singles in Las Vegas.

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Intertidal species and crab were also harvested in small quantities.

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