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While that’s true, we have to debunk this by flipping convention and suggesting that women have some physical needs as well. but sexless marriages are very prevelant, as is polyamory.To put it in perspective, one 2010 study from the National Opinion Research Center found that the number of Women who admitted to extramarital affairs rose to 40% over the last 20 years, and that’s just from the women who admitted it. Perhaps cheating wives have many of the same needs and desires as their male counterparts. Unconsumated marriages, better known as mariage blanc are a phenomenon that may be intolerable, and cause for cheating. It turns out the second most common reason men cheat is because their wives are not there for them emotionally and the connection they find with another woman serves as a reminder of what connecting with somebody feels like again.” Well there’s something to that, according to one recent study Another relic of the past, the early marriage paradigm is scoffed at nowadays.It was common place in the majority of societies to be married with kids by the time age 25 rolled around.

So then the deed happens and is the cause of serious psychological damage. There is no agreed upon definition for what counts as an affair because there are no set rules. Esther Perel is a Psychotherapist famous for her work on human relationships and the challenges of balancing security and freedom. Men have sexual needs that can simply become stale as the inevitable routine of marriage seeps in.Fast forward to today and we seemingly live in an alternate dimension.We marry because we forge our security with another person on an emotional level, and meanwhile, our economic stability is no longer a matter of life or death.Married men who cheat are starting at a connection deficit. The tribal mentality hits just as strongly in women, as they are the more social of the sexes.Gossip and impressions within a woman’s social circle can greatly influence her choices, especially if the group enables finding a 'steamy affaire' as validation or self-empowering.

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  1. What struck him in particular was how closeted poly people feel they need to be, unlike people who just date around. Because they’re fearful their families would shun them, their employers would fire them, everyone will look at them like sex-crazed fiends....“This lifestyle choice isn’t all hedonism and group sex,” one “poly” person told me via Facebook.