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I'm the founder of Love Wellness, a women's wellness company, and I live in New York City.

To get it all done, I make self-care a priority by eating clean, exercising often, and indulging in plenty of me-time.

) and explained that she’s in an incredibly different place to where she was when the show first ran.“I’m in a different place with my life…

I think that there were some people on the show that have gone on to great success and we’re friends and I’m happy for them,” she said.“There are others that I probably never would have in my life unless we worked together at one point,” she added. in a different place in her life.“She’s in a different place in her life.

The dissociation from all those people is what I’m hungry for,” she added.

Bosworth is currently focused on maintaining her blog (geddit?

"For me, it’s just not worth it for me at this point," she continued in the same interview.

“When you participate in a show like that, you generally don’t have creative control over how you or your character is portrayed on TV," Bosworth told She also said she just doesn't need that kind of platform in her life, especially with the drama often involved, both manufactured and otherwise.

I can spread whatever message I want to spread, and mostly at this point, it’s one of positivity."Even though she basically coined the term "Justin-Bobby," which will live on in Hall of Fame, it makes total sense that Bosworth isn't returning to the show.

She's grown up, moved on, and has a cool new business to promote.

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‘The Hills’ Star Brandon Lee Throws Shade At Lauren Conrad: I Have ‘No Idea’ Who She Is Hollywood Life Brandon Thomas Lee may star on 'The Hills: New Beginnings,' but he doesn't even know the show's original star: Lauren Conrad!

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