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Later, in 2010, she worked as a production assistant for ESPN during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

And in 2012, Morgan earned her broadcast journalism degree from Columbia University in New York City.

Vivian Salama is a fearless and outspoken journalist who has worked in such steep paths that most reporters are scared to cross.

She knows the weight of being in such a profession is hard, so she pursued her passion for broadcasting to the best of her abilities.

Before working as a hardcore journalist, Vivian worked as a freelancer with various media outlets as a writer and a reporter.

Through her career as a journalist, Vivian reached a great height of success, which further helped her to earn not only a significant amount of salary but also immense respect for her courage.

She posted a picture of her with her father and called her father as her favorite person.

Similarly, she is also close to her mother Lily Kelly Radford.

The real question is, who is she behind all the news? In one Twitter post, Morgan revealed that her grandparents migrated to Cuba from Jamaica.By 2012, she had joined network for correspondents.The beautiful and talented, Morgan is very enigmatic when it comes to her private love life but is wholly upfront in sharing her pleasurable moments with her family and friends with the public.Lily despite being a doctor, never forced the career upon Morgan, instead supported her when she decided to follow a career in journalism.And in 2015 on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Morgan posted a picture on her Twitter of her childhood photo with mother and grandmother and labeled them as her favorite ladies.

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Morgan is close to her family and occasionally shares posts of them in her official social accounts.

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