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The El Doctor Platform is thrusted by the Tolimán Sequences on the western side of the study area (Fig. The highs and lows related to the carbonate basins and platforms were created in the Jurassic with the opening of the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in basin-and-range–type extension (Carrillo-Martinez et al., 2001; Gray et al., 2001).

The carbonates were deposited in the Barremian–Cenomanian and the basinal deposits are characterized by deep-water muddy carbonates, whereas the platform rocks are fossiliferous shallow bank deposits (Imlay, 1944; Suter, 1987).

We find that the history of the central Sierra Madre Oriental involved two separate remagnetization events in our study area; synfolding remanence acquisition ca.

This hypothesis was further supported by Katz et al. Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, stable isotope, and geochronological analyses of samples from several folds showed that illite grew along shear-related horizons during folding.

In this study we examine remagnetized carbonate rocks from the central Sierra Madre Oriental (the Mexican fold-thrust belt) in order to develop a method for dating synfolding remagnetizations.

By combining Ar deformation ages with new paleomagnetic results, we present a quantitative method for absolute dating of synfolding remagnetization.

It is ∼100–250 km wide, thinning to the southeast and dominated by Cretaceous carbonates (Fitz-Díaz et al., 2011a; Guzmán and de Cserna, 1963).

The study area spans four Cretaceous paleogeographical areas: the Zimapán and Tampico-Misantla Basins and the Valles–San Luis Potosi and El Doctor Platforms.

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