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\"The Wolf of Wall Street\" actor will be teaching a Script to Screen course at the university.

I don’t go to parties – I don’t shuck (sic) and jive it up with the Hollywood crowd.

So that is all we have on Charlie Hunnam’s girlfriend, onto the next one.

See also: All You Need To Know About Jared Padalecki’s Family They were young and in love, that is the story behind the three-year marriage Charlie Hunnam had with his first and only wife so far, Katherine Towne. Dawson Creek has brought many-a-star together, and in 1999, on the set of the show, the two first connected.

Keep reading to see more pictures of their recent La outing, then look back at Charlie's Hollywood evolution.

He posted this and other insightful stuff on a Facebook fan page,’She is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person, who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.’ He added that he was confused by the negative and unprovoked attacks from people who call themselves some his fans.After a brief courtship of only a few weeks, they decided to kick caution to the wind and get hitched in a Las Vegas ceremony.They stayed married for three years, and it seems like it was not the best three years of their lives as the memories of the ordeal still make Hunnam wince.It taught me that within every obstacle is a seed of opportunity and that seed became Maison de Morgana.’Seeing as they have been together for at least a decade, the couple has become quite involved in each other’s decision-making process, she even approved highly of the part he almost played in Fifty Shades of Grey.Don’t be mistaken, he has her back too and more recently he has proven his affection by lashing back at her cyber bullies.

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He had one or two things to say about the experience.’ First time I was ever in Vegas I got married, which didn’t turn out that well, we thought, ‘What if we never see each other again?

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