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In fact, given that we’re both human, men and women have a lot of similarities: We both classify people and things, and we create rules, and when it seems worth it, we’re both happy to break our rules.The breaking rules part, that’s when life gets fun.

Throw away that Make self-improvement your new focus, but do it for you. Confidence doesn’t come from a pep-talk or reading dating tips online. You’ll be surprised how much your whole world will change when instead of chasing women, you’re chasing excellence.

I’m average looking, average height, and on the skinny side, but for the majority of my twenties I was dating and hooking up with women who you probably would have considered out of my league.

I’m sharing my one golden dating tip with you, because I promise you that if you follow it, you’ll not only have success with women, but also success with life.

In this article, Online Dating Tip for Motorcyclists, I’m going to tackle dating advice from man to man: confronting the most common resistance that men face from women, sharing my one and only golden tip for dating, the mindset that works for me, and how I started getting women that I used to think were out of my league.

I mean, if she’s a professional chef, she could probably teach you a thing or two.

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  1. We’ve taken some other learnings that have turned up since dating apps became a thing, mixed in some expert opinion and a little common sense, and came up with the best opening lines that will ensure you score an IRL date. There’s a reason that creators of dating apps are so keen for you to write lists of the things you like. And when you finally score that first date, check these 40 Irresistible First Date Ideas.