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This page has seen massive edits to get it in line with N900 details of flashing. v=O54Kd Lv TA2U Please see the main article Flashing N9.N8x0 owners might want to have a look to older versions, like This page grew organically, so structuring is suboptimal. again, in case you missed it: READ THE WHOLE PAGE before starting! These descriptions assume that you are using the latest official images.This is the more difficult than using 770Flasher, but gives you access to the advanced options flasher-3.5 provides (like setting R&D flags, flashing only parts of the image, unpacking the image, etc).Microsoft Windows users who wish to update their N900 can use the Nokia Software Updater (aka NSU), or use the Flasher (see section below).There are other, probably timing, reasons causing occasional "unable to enumerate USB".Immediately issue the flasher command again, up-arrow usually helps fetching last command to re-issue it.

While talking about flashing, there are exactly two distinct processes and related files (also called images) frequently mentioned: Often people use the term "firmware" for either or both of those images. Flashing the rootfs on your N900 will reset the device's linux system back to factory settings, meaning all additional applications will vanish, and some configuration details (e.g.

According to this post, Windows driver signing can cause problems.

You either need to turn on the loading of unsigned drivers or boot your computer to whole another OS.

The Backup application will save: When using Backup application to restore from some backup, you can select which of the above listed groups of data shall be restored.

For Application List you even can select on a per-application granularity, i.e.

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