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The only other crew member was prepared with mace and was successful in a direct shot to the face of one of the attackers.

They retreated immediately and other than a bruise to the owners face and a scratch on the arm no one was harmed.

They advised the restaurant, who summoned both the police and PAYS who did a search, and then returned the crew to the yacht moored nearby.

PAYS and the coast guard conducted further searches the next day, but the dinghy was not located. A monohull was 1 of about 9 yachts on PAYS moorings in the bay.

When they returned 2-3 hours later, the dinghy was gone. The victims filed a police report the next day, and received the paperwork after a lengthy 2.5 hour wait.

Between 8AM and 4PM the painter was cut from the D ring at the front of the dingy and worked out from where it was chained to the dock and stolen.

At 1 am May 8th, 2015, while stern-to at the Marina Bas du Fort in Guadeloupe, a man boarded our boat and came into our cockpit.

On a mooring ball on the island of Dominica South of Roseau near the Anchorage Hotel when two men boarded the vessel.

They entered the main cabin and wrestled the owner to the floor.

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He informed them he did not have a credit card and the they left.

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