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AIMM is designed in a way that only allows men to ask women out and exclusively promotes monogamous relationships, even at their early stages.

The app intends to create one to one digital encounters, to make sure “they’re not going to disappear from someone else being interested.

With the help of ‘phone-calls’ with the app’s AI and specific questions, AIMM provides users with customised feedback and advice on how to behave during a first date, what to say, and how to surprise their partner.

“Think of AIMM as an advanced classified and robotic assistant designed to introduce you, coach, and boost you into your real life relationship,” reads AIMM’s website, adding, “AIMM asks questions.

By manually filling an online questionnaire about our qualities and flaws, there’s a chance that some of our answers won’t always be completely honest.What is more groundbreaking is the app’s capacity to gauge a person’s emotional reaction via a video component.As shown in the presentation video of the app, AIMM can ‘read’ a person’s expression after their first date to understand whether it is worth to move on with the match or not.The video component doesn’t come without its own shortcomings on the accuracy of the feature.According to the MIT Technology Review, emotion-reading technology is far from being accurate as emotional nuances require both context and history to be properly interpreted, and machine learning is far from being ready to do so, thus running a high risk of misinterpreting a person’s feelings.

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