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Before this, Charlotte was arrested on September 5, 2008 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for assaulting a police officer after a fight involving Fliehr, her then-boyfriend, and her father.

Her father, Flair refused to press charges against his daughter in the end but she still had to face the charges for resisting arrest.

In her new book, WWE Women Champion talked about the dramas and uncertain attitudes of her former husband Riki Johnson via-a-vis the troublesome relationship wrought with many trials and ultimately the death of her brother Reid.

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Yes, she married Riki Johnson in May 2010 and they went their separate ways in 2012.

Interestingly, none of the parties involved has commented on the incident since.

Charlotte Flair hasn’t always been the Genetically Superior WWE Superstar fans know today.

There was once a time in her life when she was just Ashley and married to a man named Riki Johnson.

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But that time was filled with some terrible memories for Charlotte Flair.

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