Online dating should i call him

You can wait too long, but you really can't text too soon.

Arbitrarily waiting to text someone because you don’t want to seem thirsty is weird; text when you have something to say.

You aren’t on ; most women would be thrilled just to have a guy suggest a restaurant and a day of the week to meet there. Always tell her what you’re suggesting you ask if she’s free on a specific night.

So throw out a casual “What are you up to on Thursday? Don’t just ask if she’s free on Friday with no further information.

She might be “free” on Friday for drinks but not “free” to go to your niece's friend’s piano recital.

Lastly, whatever you do, and no matter how horny you are, do not text anything sexual.

I went on the date just to make sure and the result was confirmed. I find talking to a stranger on the phone awkward as hell.

I did it 6 times and all 6 times I didn't feel chemistry during the call.

What's your experience with calling/videocalling before a first date? If you're nervous about meeting someone in a safety/catfishing sense then it might be valuable for that reason, though personally I've never had any issues - chatting by text has always been enough to filter out the creeps, and I've never had any experiences where people weren't who I was expecting.

Equally it might be useful if you want to filter for certain dealbreakers/red flags (though that can also be done by text), but in terms of chemistry, personally I think that's got to be in person.

As for to text, unless there are some extenuating or scary circumstances that happened while you were on the date together, on a first date you should steer clear of asking someone to text you when they get home safely.

While some women will certainly find this sweet, it can come across as kind of parental, which is the antithesis of horny.

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Additionally, do not ever text someone you just went on a first date with “good night.” While I’m positive there are people who find this endearing, there are far more who will find it weird and relationship-y, and it’s way too early to be relationship-y.

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