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Teenagers are able to chat with anyone they want, even somebody The chat rooms are used for many years.It is a way that helps you connect and socialize with the rets of the world.Online chatting can primarily be explained as real time exchange of text messages via Internet.These messages are generally short giving one the feel of real conversations. If you area a parent of a teenager you would know what they want most Except for the social media websites like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Viber there are other places of communication too where strangers can chat with each other.While there are significant benefits to being online and to using the resources available on the net, the balance between these benefits and the dangers needs to be better understood, and a new understanding is required.

But the parents or care takers of the children must have a strict supervision over them when they communicate online.So we should not automatically let problems with chat and e-mail change the way we let children use the web.The major problem is chat, and as far back as February I argued that the prevalence of predatory adult males in online chat rooms had been demonstrated so clearly that it was time to exclude kids from chat rooms where adults might be present.It really is shocking how widespread this phenomenon is. The consequences for children can be very damaging. Young and foolish, 12-year old Shevaun Pennington found a friend online and decided that what he had to offer was more exciting than the boys in school.

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One feature which appeals to her greatly is that she can have a private conversation with her school mates even if I'm sitting in the same room, something that she can't do on her phone. She has let me set up her chat service so that only people on her contact list can see she is online or send her messages, and I get to look through her contact list to check that they are all friends I know. In many ways this would be worse than the present situation, where we can at least ask kids to be vigilant about everyone they meet online. Doing this would at least reduce the number of kids exposed to the danger, and it would not deprive of them of any useful or valuable experience.

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