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Creative risks are as absent as character conflict.These two people merely coexist, running errands, trading off parenting duties, and occasionally sharing a meal.If “Divorce” Season 3 is trying to say anything, it can be summed up by the tagline “Together.Forever.”, which indicates that just because a couple gets divorced doesn’t mean they’re out of each other’s lives, which is a sentiment well-covered by previous seasons.What was a biting black comedy when it premiered in 2016 is now an accessible, easygoing pseudo-comedy.The players remain the same, but Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Robert (Thomas Haden Church) are coasting through their post-divorce lives just as the season coasts to a less-than-fulfilling conclusion.Seen as too dark, slow, and lacking in humor — black or otherwise — Season 2 got a makeover: more “hope,” more “forward momentum,” and a “brighter” palette were given to the black comedy, morphing it into a more approachable story, yet still one grounded in turmoil. Craig Blankenhorn/HBO And yet, here we are: Season 3.

Horgan’s latest snagged an early renewal midway through Season 1’s run, offering a chance to course-correct. Ratings dipped (linearly, at least — no stats are available for HBO NOW views), and it made no headway on the awards circuit. Failing to achieve wide recognition or cult status, it felt doomed to cancellation, like HBO did after two seasons of “Togetherness,” “Looking,” and even “Enlightened” — shows that had some critical support, but weren’t clicking elsewhere.

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO So, if not to answer lingering questions or take a big swing at reinvention, why does Season 3 exist at all?

It boils down to business, with one reason being a talent play to keep two creative partners happy.

She’s certainly not destined for a life devoted to our skyward feathered friends, nor does Robert (Church) find new purpose coaching girls basketball, flipping houses, or in his new marriage.

That final topic can’t really be touched upon without spoilers, but it leads to zero significant revelations.

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