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i) Reduce strings to letters and numbers from ASCII-96 - same idea as (h) but more restrictive j) Strings to remove - add whatever makes sense to you 2) Punctuation settings - I use all the defaults 3) Other path settings (e.g.

node path settings) - these should be set based on how you want your urls to look like on your site.

You should never have two URLs that show the same exact content.

It is good idea to try to think through your Drupal pathauto URL aliases settings before creating a bunch of content so you don't have to worry about the aliases changing due to changing your rules and patterns.

To get to the Drupal pathauto URL aliases settings, go to: Administer URL Aliases (admin/build/path/pathauto).

1) General Settings a) Verbose - good idea to keep this on so you know if the alias was created properly b) Separator - dash is pretty standard and readable though I've seen people use underscores c) Character case - looks cleaner to stick with all lowercase (but when creating browser titles (page titles) for your nodes, it's good to use mixed case for better readability) d) Maximum alias length - keep to 100 or less so your urls won't be too long e) Maximum component length - although the recommended number is 100, I don't imagine you are going to have a word that long, so something much shorter seems more realistic. f) Maximum number of objects to alias in a bulk update - doesn't matter if you aren't doing bulk updates.

If you sign up you can expect to get an email from the Pathauto and URLify module maintainers if/when there is significant news in the development of their modules such as the release of a new version or a security update.

Pathauto Specifically for Pathauto the main area that is most up to date for news and changes to pathauto will probably always be the Issue Queue.

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I addition to the issue queue, this group serves as a place to discuss new features and changes in functions of the modules.

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