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While there is no science of love, there is some science and math that we can apply to the usage, stigma, and best practices of online dating.What goes on in people’s minds when they choose or reject a virtual stranger after just glancing at their profile picture, username, and age? The Pew Research Center conducted surveys to delve into the statistics and stigma surrounding online dating and how that’s changed in recent years.The brain gets a similar ‘hit’ from love as it does from a small dose of cocaine.The results showed that some strikingly similar brain networks were activated by love and sexual desire.Love is built on top of these circuits, with one key area of difference being in the striatum.This area of the brain is typically associated with the balance between higher- and lower-level functions.As a result, those in long distance relationships often have similar levels of relationship satisfaction and stability as those who are geographically close to each other.For over 40 years the psychologist Professor John Gottman has been analysing the psychology of love.

People who live with each other for 25 years may develop similar facial features.

They polled online daters in 2013 and found that 59% said that “online dating is a good way to meet people,” whereas only 44% thought the same in 2005.

And the popularity of online dating is not just for teenagers and early twenty-something’s.

He’s followed couples across decades in many psychological studies to see what kinds of behaviours predict whether they would stay together.

There are four things that kills relationships stone dead: repeated criticism, lots of expressions of contempt like sarcasm, being defensive and stonewalling, which is when communication almost completely shuts down.

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