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The menu included poached halibut in dill sauce, sliced tenderloin of beef and chestnut bombe.

Music was provided by the United States Army Strolling Strings.

A Lively List The guest list offered the sort of mix that can't help but produce a lively evening. Rogers, the former Secretary of State; Charles Evers, the civil rights activist; L. Meyer, better known to New Yorkers as Fleur Cowles.

Among the guests were Frank and Barbara Sinatra; the Rev. Hesburgh, president of the University of Notre Dame; Mr. Dean Brown, president of the Middle East Institute; Paloma Picasso, the designer, and her husband, Rafael Lopez Sanches; Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O' Connor and her husband, John H. There was also the usual mix of Administration officials, members of Congress, businessmen and members of the Halaby family.

It was her second official visit as the wife of King Hussein. There were diamonds at her ears and throat and her gown had a sheer black lace top with a ruffled neckline and a heavy white satin tiered skirt.

Nancy Reagan was equally glamorous in a slim black Galanos, sparkling with an overall pattern of rhinestones.

They will call friends on a Slim-owned mobile phone, lunch at a Slim-owned restaurant, and smoke Slim-owned cigarettes.

The reach of his dominion is so large that the average Mexican will wake up on sheets bought from a Slim-owned store; buy their morning bread from a Slim-owned bakery; and drive to work in a Slim-insured car.

'' I've been here as a guest - when L. The Queen was also the guest of honor at a State Department luncheon today given by Patricia Haig, wife of the Secretary of State.

You have to be brave to take on the traffic in Mexico City.

Mr Slim’s sprawling empire also encompasses banking, retail, mining, construction, restaurants, printing and insurance.

His critics complain that he runs monopolies, squeezing out competition and forcing up prices, and that he benefited disproportionately from the cheap privatisation of state industries.

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