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In the rest of the cases, either both victim and perpetrator were members of minorities, or the perpetrator’s background was not ascertained.

The Helsingin Sanomat A ”slave auction” held by a Lund student group in April was a ”costume party” meaning no charges will be filed against the organizers, according to the prosecution authority in Skåne in southern Sweden.

According to a fresh report received by Helsingin Sanomat, police have received about 20 per cent fewer reports of racist crime in the January-September period than over the same nine months last year.

However, complaints received by the police do not necessarily mean that actual hate crimes would have declined in the manner indicated by the Police College study.

While Lund University in May announced that it would launch a new programme to educate students and staff about the university's core values, the university's disciplinary committee later elected to take no action after reviewing the incident.

Now, the district prosecutor has chosen not to file charges against the student organization for the staged auction.

”There should have been legal consequences in order to show that it is not OK under any circumstances to demean a group of people this way,” Momodou said.

Nearly nine out of ten hate crimes had a racist motive.

In six per cent of hate crimes, the motive was the victim’s religion, and in four per cent of cases, it was the sexual orientation of the victim. The decline in hate crimes seems to have continued this year, at least with respect to those with a racist motive.

28/10/2011- ”They're basically saying that it is OK to demean Afro-Swedes as long as it is done as a costume party.

That means that it is open season for anyone who wish to do so,” Jallow Momodou, chairman of the National Afro-Swedish Association (Afrosvenskarnas riksförbund) told The Local following the announcement.

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