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Yang Cheng Lin (Chinese: 楊丞琳; pinyin: Yáng Chéng Lín, born June 4, 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan), also known as Rainie Yang, is an actress, singer, and television host.

She is well known for her work in Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Hi My Sweetheart, and Life Plan A and B.

She gained the nickname as she had an identifiable scorpion tattoo on her hand.

According to news reports, the pair met after playing golf together, and hit it off as they had similar interests.

Earlier today, news broke out that the 38-year-old had gotten married last November, and is also expecting his first child next month.

To everyone’s surprise, his wife, Lin Xiao Wei, is none other than ‘Scorpion Girl’, the girl who was rumoured to be in a relationship with Taiwanese actor Sun Peng in 2015.

Rainie Yang’s new drama, Love You (醉後決定愛上你), premiered today on TTV.

Since I’ve been craving a traditional Taiwanese idol drama for a while (Sunny Happiness doesn’t count, it had more mainland China influences) and the past few months have had a real drought in such dramas, I was actually pretty excited to watch to this drama.

The next year, Yang had a starring role in Tomorrow.

Kingone said, “Originally I was wearing shoes, but the director suddenly added more scenes, and said that since I was blind, I could identify the trails by the soles of my feet.

It was so painful when I walked, the nerves on my face almost popped out.” Kingone Wang and Lorene Ren are starring together in .

She followed with lead roles in Lavender 2 (2002), The Pink Godfather, and The Original Scent of Summer (both 2003).

She starred in Devil Beside You alongside Mike He and Kingone Wang in 2005.

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Lorene Ren said, “Because of the wet weather, we were only two steps away from the river, so while we were filming, everyone was worried for each other’s safety.” On the subject of piggybacking, Lorene said, “Previously when I was so tired that I wanted to sleep, too exhausted to walk, I asked trustworthy friends to carry me.

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  1. “They remain friends but they both want different things right now,” E News reported, adding, “She loves Bradley and he loves her but she’s so young and wants to concentrate on her acting career before becoming a mom.” and dated for three months.