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She has a boyfriend named Mike whom she hopes to marry.

In the season premiere, she initially reveals her transgender status only to JD, Sarah is an artist who suffered sexual abuse by a teacher and inappropriate behavior by her father, whom she has tried unsuccessfully to have imprisoned, and to whom she has not spoken for eight years, a silence that is broken when he calls her in Episode 4.

She first realized her gender variance in high school and began living as a woman at 17, which was difficult given her rigid, Sicilian family.Ryan's drinking causes concern for the others when they enjoy a night out together. Ryan takes umbrage with some of the topical discussions among the others. Kat deals with the difficulties of her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Mike, and looks elsewhere for companionship.He later discusses the effect of his time in Iraq, and how he channels it into his journal and music. D., who is gay, bonds with Kat, causing further conflict with Ryan, who perceives them to be excluding the others. The housemates take issue with Chet's pranks, but when J. talks to Chet about Chet having gone through his belongings, Chet denies the accusation, and is offended at the others talking about this outside his presence. A trip to a gay bar proves interesting for Chet and Ryan. Devyn and Scott, who regard each other as "BFF"'s, express their mutual attraction through flirting, but Devin is frustrated by what she sees as mixed signals by Scott, and questions regarding whether or not he is single.He feels his experiences made him a stronger, independent person.The first among his four siblings to graduate from high school, he put himself through college at the University of Miami, and now works as a dolphin trainer, a dream job he first envisioned in a trip to Sea World at age five.

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In 2010, the season was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Reality Program.

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