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A couple of drinks and vitamin E on a sunny beach and a girl is ready for anything. His modeling credentials include Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultie, and Levi’s advertisements. Just in case you were wondering, his vital statistics are that he is a 6′0″ tall hunk, weighs 183 pounds of pure man, has brown hair and blue eyes.

The famous video of Paul Sculfor in a Levi’s commercial is below the jump.

Fortunately, Paul Sculfor has kicked that anorexic model - and cocaine - problem.

But it doesn't appear as though this British model is done with his taste for spices yet.

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Jennifer Joanna Aniston (born February 11, 1969) is an American actress, film producer, and businesswoman.

"Either they presume you'll be self important and self regarding and reel off all this stuff about you before you've even opened your mouth, or they're intimidated.If you look at the Nineties, when skinny male models were really in, the music was Nirvana and Oasis - and models looked like the boys that were in those bands. I think having really skinny guys keeps a lot of people out of the market.You want an image that will really sell clothes.", loosely based on the career of Penelope Cruz, is out now."Acting is 100 per cent more difficult than modelling," he says.Looks like Paul Sculfor and Cameron Diaz are more than just a fling.The photo below marks the third or fourth time these two have been spotted together.

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PAUL SCULFOR may have worked with the world's most beautiful women, but it took Naomi Campbell to prompt him to chat to the one model he describes as the industry's best looking."All the models I've worked with are lovely in their own ways but I think Christy Turlington is stunning," he says.

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