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The law requires that adult businesses have no more than one sign, and that it be no larger than eight square feet.

Signs have to be plain, too, with no decorative art and "alphanumeric copy only." No doubt pleasure seekers in this part of the world must use infrared technology to determine where the action is.

You don’t have to leave the house or get dressed up to pick someone up that you don’t even know.

Here you can find all the singles you’ve been searching for.

Montreal, for example, is a voluptuous city -- along its main downtown thoroughfare, Saint Catherine Street, porn shops and erotic clubs thrive.

Or to put it more crudely, why did our city obliterate its genitals?

You don’t have to work up the courage to ask them out in a bar, and you don’t have to spend any money to wine and dine them either.

When you’re ready to meet someone new for sexy times, free trial local chatlines are definitely the way to go.

He rented a room (for a mere 5 a month) on the penthouse floor of the old but still magnificent Josephinum building, on Second and Stewart.

From his 13th-floor window, he commanded a view of the "lights of pleasure and temptation." "Down on First Avenue," he writes, "The Midtown Theater was showing Depraved Innocent and Interlude of Lust.

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