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For reasons he is unclear about, but probably have something to do with editing, Brown decided not to include this last episode in the book.

But it undoubtedly fuels his scathing assessment of Pryor in the book as a man “who can’t love anyone.”“I knew a lot about Richard’s tricks when I was dealing with him.

He talked Bohn-Chin into returning home; they planned a playful evening with three other women. While Brown was trying to persuade the police, at one point with his forearm, that it was just a minor domestic dispute, Eva Bohn-Chin “kind of freaked” and tried to vamoose over a rear balcony, but fell and rolled under it.

Unfortunately, while Bohn-Chin was on the phone with this girlfriend, Brown started getting jealous. Never Charged The police, meanwhile, handcuffed Brown and took him to the station, and despite the lack of any allegations from Bohn-Chin, threatened to charge him with attempted murder. I don’t start fights, but sometimes I don’t walk away from them.

The result is a sort of extended locker room monologue--profane, outrageous, one-sided and occasionally thought-provoking.

He wrote it because he was not happy with his first book, “Off My Chest,” also written with a collaborator.“It reflects my life honestly,” he said.Against Dependence On the other hand, he is against government programs that increase dependence and thinks the only way blacks will alleviate the “symptoms"--substance abuse, black-on-black crime, poverty--is to solve the problem of economic impotence. What really happened, Brown says in the book, is that Bohn-Chin was jealous over his fling with Steinem, whom he met while she was doing a magazine profile of him while he was filming in Arizona.Bohn-Chin left his apartment--with Brown’s car--and went to stay with a girlfriend.He screened out most of Pryor’s family because to him all they seemed to be interested in was money, and they didn’t like that.Ultimately they sneaked into the hospital before Brown arrived and convinced Pryor--or so he said to Brown--that Brown should butt out. Took Hurt in Stride Brown said he took that hurt in stride, trying to be considerate of the pressures Pryor was under.

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