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Whoever forged this relic may have known their stuff, for they did a great job of turning some modern-day scientists into believers.

I have gathered a few of my own conclusions simply by weighing the evidence: 1) The original analysis of the shroud was done by STURP in 1978; however it wasn't until 1988 when radio carbon dating and microscopy was done on the shroud by a team of scientists.

Then there is this scientific claim, "Dried, aged blood is black. Forensic tests on the red stuff have identified it as red ocher and vermilion tempera paint.

3) Many supposed relics of Jesus existed in the middle ages onward.check here: Pollens have supposedly been found on the shroud that exist only in the Middle East.It has been written that, "It is claimed that the cloth has some pollen grains and images on it that are of plants found only in the Dead Sea region of Israel.I would say it's not very coincidental then that the shroud 1st appeared on the world stage in 1357 AD (aka 14th century).Some claim that a fire in 1532 in a church in France, where the shroud was kept, caused an inaccurate carbon date.

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