Shweta tiwari dating abhinav

Shweta had just entered the world of television business with her début show directed by none other than Ekta Kapoor.

It was during this time, circa 1998, that she met a struggling television actor named Raja Chaudhary.

Shweta Tiwari is one TV celebrity whose personal life can be considered one of the most rough in the tinsel-town.A post shared by Palak Tiwari (@palaktiwarii) on According to reports, Shweta reached the Samta Nagar police station Sunday night, along with her mother and daughter Palak.Shweta married Abhinav in 2013 after briefly dating him. Palak is Shweta's daughter from her first marriage.She said that it was she who was a victim of domestic abuse, and not her mother.“I, Palak Tiwari, was on multiple occasions a victim of domestic abuse NOT my mother, except for the day that the complaint was filed he hadn’t hit my mother.

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Abhinav Kohli has never physically molested me, or touched me inappropriately.

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