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A recognized leader in the- insurance field, he is also active in civk work and church activities in Mobile. KELLY of Montgomery is a vice president of the Union Bank and Trust Company in the city.

Kelly is an attorney and a graduate of the University of Alabama, with a doctorate of jurisprudence from that university.

An attorney, and serving his third term in the state senate, Wilson is a member of the Senate Finance and Taxation Committee. Students may major in 70 areas of study and minor in 44 areas.

He has been named "Outstanding Orator" in the State Legislature by the Capitol Press Corps. Along with improvements in course offerings has come improvements in the quality of the faculty at Troy State.

Through the use of modern developmental processes in physical education, students are given a wide range of health and recreational fields. The department is headed by Chairman David Dye who received his Ph. The department is unique from many for it combines the educational courses offered with the opportunity to put the book learning to practical use in the Playmakers. Her positions held include Clinical Instructor at Mather School of Nursing, Southern Baptist Hospital, New Orleans, part-time staff nurse at the Student Infirmary of Florida State University, Instructor-Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, Florida State University, and Director of Nursing at Sunland Hospital for the Retarded in Tallahassee. Mrs Tex Whaley joined the Troy State University faculty in 1950, serving through the spring quarter, 1975.

Course offerings at the Fort Ruckcr branch were also expanded and in the 1966-67 academic year the first degrees were granted. Classes in a number of United States Air Force bases throughout Europe and the Near East are now in session Innovative education programs, unlimited by the boundaries of tradition or the walls of buildings, exemplify the goals and aspirations of Dr. Adams and his administration at Troy State University. Carroll, associate dean of Arts and Sciences and Bicentennial Professor of History, was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for biographical work on George Washington. A wide variety of subjects including the history and organization of the Air Force, the military justice system and national defense policy making are offered and molded with opportunities to practice the management, human relations, and leadership skills necessary for today's military officer. Kcllo Bradley Mj, VCMIum Holcomb ( apt lanirv P Fearee Biological Science Department The Department of Biology maintained its status as a strong TSU department with 9 faculty members with doctorate degrees. In the past few years it has attracted one of the strongest faculties in the region and has developed programs and curricula which now serve as models for several institutions. ( J I)r Nicholas D'Andrca r Pa Math Department Today man is faced with problems which are different from those of any society of the past.

PAUL STAPLES, SGA President, from Dothan, Alabama, serves as the student representative of the board. The University's faculty now is composed of a higher percentage of qualified teachers possessing terminal degrees than at any time in its history.

Its faculty also holds a higher percentage of membership in Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi than does the faculty of any other state institution of higher learning in Alabama. Adams' immediate goal was to provide Troy State University a library second to none in the state.

He was elected mayor of the town of Clio at the age of 21.

the youngest man ever elected mayor of an Alabama town. He is a member of the United States Supreme Court Bar and Alabama Bar and a Major General in the Unii Guard, serving as Assistant Adjutant General, Air.

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