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(11) "Life insurance policy or annuity contract" means a life insurance policy or annuity contract issued by an insurance company on the life of a minor to whom a gift of the policy or contract is made in the manner prescribed in this article or on the life of a member of the minor's family.

(10) "Legal representative" of a person in his executor or the administrator, general guardian, guardian, committee, conservator, tutor or curator of his property or estate.The liability in this section is in addition to and not in lieu of other liability which may exist by law. (B) A person who violates subsection (A) is guilty of a felony and for each offense, upon conviction, must be fined in the discretion of the court or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both. (7) "Financial institution" is a bank, a federal savings and loan association, a savings institution chartered and supervised as a savings and loan or similar institution under federal law or the laws of a state, a federal credit union or a credit union chartered and supervised under the laws of a state; a "domestic financial institution" is one chartered and supervised under the laws of this State or chartered and supervised under federal law and having its principal office in this State; an "insured financial institution" is one in which deposits (including a savings, share, certificate or deposit account) are, in whole or in part, insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation or by a deposit insurance fund approved by this State.(E) This section does not apply to persons having custody or charge of a minor under the authority of a state agency or a county social services department or to state agencies or county departments of social services which have legal custody or charge of a minor. (8) "Guardian" of a minor means the general guardian, guardian, tutor or curator of his property or estate, appointed or qualified by a court of this State or another state.(7) If the gift is by will, by stating in the will that the bequest or devise is made under the South Carolina Uniform Gifts to Minors Act.Unless the testator in his will designates the custodian, who shall be an adult, a guardian of the minor or a trust company, his personal representative shall, subject to any limitations contained within the will, have the power to name as the custodian an adult, a guardian of the minor or a trust company and shall distribute the subject of the gift by transferring it in the manner and form provided in the preceding items of this subsection.

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