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Colas explained that they’d been initially invited to play a role in the play, and had read the script and declined the part.It was after seeing the play that they approached Saliba with their apprehensions.The humor is in very honestly expressed and it is an honesty which reflects the truth of our weird dating desires. I feel that Bouncy Boxer Media has made a great start in this industry and we can all look forward to see more great "Shorts" like this one.

I mention all this because shortly after interviewing Christina Saliba, the producer and one of the writers of , a play which is being presented both at Off-JFL and Pride after a successful run at le Festival de la Bête Noir, I heard that Carmen Colas — the organizer of the unaffiliated Lesbian Speed Dating, the community dating event at NDQ — had taken issue with in particular with a moment involving a man in a wig (a scene since altered as a result of this concern) finding the scene to be transphobic.

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Traci and Brooke are just like any other woman: they are looking for love.

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  1. The most common is a burner phone, or they went to great lengths not to have their number in anyone’s system.” (Burner phones are generally used for one reason, such as a drug deal or clandestine relationship, then dumped.) When I couldn't confirm someone’s identity, I backed away.