Spleen meridian sedating points

Energy Medicine Quick Tips for Diabetes For Diabetes, it is vitally important to work your Spleen energy to bring balance back to your blood sugar.

In Oriental Medicine the energies of Spleen and Pancreas are treated together.

Tender pressure points may stem from either a local condition or a problem in the main organ associated with that particular meridian; also, the pain may be referred from a more distant body part connected to the same meridian.

Infections Due to higher blood sugar levels, bacteria grow and infections develop more quickly.

Substance testing for foods, nutritional supplements and medications by a qualified Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner will assist the Spleen in proper metabolism and improve blood sugar balance.

Also doing the Triple Warmer/ Spleen hug several times a day will harmonize and support these two systems.

In disease, imbalances develop in these energy flows, causing some of the transformer points to become irritated or congested.

This results in pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles.

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I recently learned that *8.1 million women in the United States have Diabetes and it is on the rise.

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