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Back to top Knowledge gained through clinical trials has been critical to preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer.However, not all cancer patients benefit equally from these improvements.The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and FDA mandate the inclusion of women and minorities in clinical trials (8,9).However, researchers have documented barriers to participating in cancer clinical trials.Underrepresentation in clinical trials results in disparity in favor of participants who benefit from those trials.From a scientific perspective, diverse representation is necessary to test for differences in outcomes and to ensure the safety of therapies across a range of biological and genetic characteristics (6).Barriers include lack of awareness (10), lack of being invited or recruited to participate (11), eligibility criteria that may exclude certain groups (12), fear or mistrust of the medical and scientific community, and cultural barriers (eg, language, beliefs, attitudes) (11).

These plans provide a basic, initial indicator of how each jurisdiction proposes to address their particular burden of cancer, including addressing disparities in cancer clinical trials.

Increasing participation and education, awareness, and outreach were the most common themes identified.

Conclusion Although many CCC plans address disparities in clinical trials, few of those plans are in jurisdictions that have third-party reimbursement laws.

Nationally, 3% to 5% of adult cancer patients participate in cancer clinical trials (1).

Racial/ethnic minorities have represented less than 15% of all adult participants in National Cancer Institute (NCI) treatment trials (2), and a review of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cancer trials found that adults aged 65 years or older represented barely one-third of clinical trial participants, even though they account for approximately 60% of cancer cases in adults (3).

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Results Fifty-five (96%) CCC plans had content regarding clinical trials.

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