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There’s no list of what a premium membership gives you.All it says is, “Read and send messages to other members.Unlike most subscription sites that only take online payments, Sugar Daddie allows you to pay by phone or even regular mail.In addition, Sugar Daddie provides a phone number for direct customer service rather than only by online contact.Full access to all features.” However, from exploring this sugar dating site I can extrapolate a few of the features offered for a premium membership fee, including: A unique feature of the Sugar Daddie site is what they call a quality score, which is supposed to improve your chances of finding a perfect match.A Sugar Baby’s quality score is determined by her activity in eight categories on their site: photos, emails, logins, forum posts, hobbies, favorites, meet my match, and searches.If you decline to sign up for a premium membership at this time, a ticker is posted at the top of your page to let you know how long is left on this offer.

Sugar is a sugar dating website that aims to provide an online venue wherein sugar daddies can meet sugar babies for the purposes of hooking up and possibly establishing a long-term relationship…at least that’s what the site’s premise supposedly is.Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll need to verify your email address to activate your Sugar Babe profile.Once you’ve clicked on the verification link in your email, you’re offered a code for 15% off of a premium membership that is good for 24 hours.If I’d seen their headline or a snippet of some of these guys’ pages, I’d have never checked them out at all.The sugar bowl dating site Sugar Daddie has one premium membership with different prices that vary by how many months you pay for at one time: one month is .99, three months is .99, six months is .99, and one year is 9.99.

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